Graduate School of Industry (Big Data AI Management Information Department)

We foster talents equipped with skillsets in artificial intelligence, data mining, and big data technologies that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students will be trained to solve business field tasks using mathematics, statistics, and computers.


To cultivate data scientists and data engineering technicians, the school, with a foundation in artificial intelligence and deep learning, studies and researches computing-related technologies, business administration-related fields, and data processing methodologies that can create new future business models.


This program aims to nurture field-oriented talents with big data engineering expertise as well as management minds, who can create value for companies of the future and lead the smart business landscape/



Educational goals and vision

Fostering convergence talents who will lead the smart business landscape


Fostering convergent talents with big data engineering expertise as well as management minds


  • Fostering talents with business management knowledge and computing capabilities in the era of big data
  • Nurturing future-oriented, practical talents that can be apply mathematical and statistical methods, and data mining methods to various industries.
  • Fostering talents who understand fintech and blockchain technology, and will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Meet society’s needs by connecting fundamental and practical studies
    • Create new business models by cultivating data engineering and analysis technicians
    • Cultivate students with the ability to apply their skillsets to the latest practical fields (fintech, financial engineering, high-tech technology evaluation, big data advertisement, etc.)

Education and Research Fields

Application and Industry Related Fields

Department Focus

Course Details

Night classes or online classes

- Inquiries: Computer Engineering (02-970-6707) or Business Administration Office (02-970-6488)

- Head Professor: Professor Gil-Heung Lee, Department of Computer Engineering, 02-970-6704,

Professor Se-Hak Cheon, Department of Business Administration, 02-970-6487,

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