In the 21st century knowledge-based global society, the cultivation of internationally competitive human resource with state-of-the-art technology is the main factor in deciding national industrial competitiveness. The disciplines within the department, though quite diverse, have one predominant commonality: they are all about the transformation of the human and built-in environment relationship. At the same time, there has been a special issue regarding the new paradigm of the architectural education system. According to the U.I.A. regulation of certified design education, registered architects who have already completed four year college education are now required to attain five years at the college level for formal accreditation. For that purpose, the Department of Architectural Design is now providing many prospective graduate students for research and development on specified issues of many architectural discipline. The department also ensures that graduate students are well-prepared by coursework that includes both advanced design fundamentals and the more innovative concepts and professional education.
Major Research Area
  • Architectural planning and design of general uses of buildings
  • Housing, urban planning & design
  • History of architecture
  • Building construction, materials, and structure
  • Environmental control and building equipment
  • Architectural information and CAD
  • Interior design
Affiliated Professional Fields
  • Architectural design firms, Interior design office
  • General contractors, Building material company
  • Public agency, Research institute
  • Engineering firms
  • CAD, Animation firms
Future Prospect
Our department is now providing a practical education program for the training of design professionals at international level certification. At the same time, research is an increasingly critical dimension of the mission of the department. It is vital to the growth and progress of the professional area of architectural. Furthermore, our program diversity includes academic exchanges with prestigious universities in Australia, Japan, China, The Philippines, and Hong Kong, such as an international exchange program of undergraduate design exhibition at Southeast University, China.