The Disaster Safety & Fire Protection Program offers a cutting-edge curriculum that produces high-quality personnel to meet the demands of industry and contributes to the improvement of scientific technology in Korea. These departments were integrated into the single Department of Energy Engineering in 1991. The department conducts education and research in these areas to support the application of advanced technology for human well-being throughout society in the future.
The following goals are addressed by balanced coursework in basic and specialized topics:
  • Education for safety and effective management using machinery
  • Consultation and proposing an alternative for government industrial safety policy
  • Reliable research and prediction of dangers for industrial installation
  • Development of safety devices and protective equipment
  • Risk measurement and evaluation for gas and electrical installation
  • Study of fire explosion impact assessment and disaster prevention system
  • Study of electric shock prevention
  • Study of design and audit review for industrial installation
After graduating from the department, students enter jobs with a wide range of employers, such as private enterprises concerned with safety, public offices, and research institutes.
  • Civil servants at the Ministry of Employment and Labor or state-funded agencies such as KEPCO
  • Safety-related public organizations, such as Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, and Korea Industrial Safety Association
  • Manufacturing and construction industries, including Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Engineering & Construction
  • Insurance firms, such as Lloyd’s and Korea Fire Protection Association
  • Self-employed workers manufacturing protective gear or building makeshift installations