The objectives of the Global Project Management Program are as follows: First, coping with the expansion of the international construction market size. Second, fostering specialized international business practitioners in order to contribute to the goal of becoming five powerhouses in international construction by expanding continuous entries of Korean construction contractors.
Also, this program will contribute to efficient management regarding international business of Korean construction contractors. Moreover, this program was established in order to foster internationally competitive project management manpower. Last but not least, this program is oriented to meet the demand for continued education and strengthen theories and the academic foundation of managers in the industrial sector.
Education and Emphasized Research Area
The Global Project Management Program implements project management education throughout all phases of the construction sector, which includes PM/CM considering industrial characteristics, expert job training from participating international construction companies, design/construction, etc.
For global site management education, this program implements the development of site management job skills and develops quality management system ability, site problem-solving & improvement, construction process control ability, international financial techniques job training, etc. Also, in the long term, educating every participant regarding the life cycle, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance, etc., in English will help produce construction professionals with competency in English language skills that construction firms need.
Applications and Related Industrial Sector
  • Construction contractors
  • Construction Sector Research Institute
  • International construction-related organizations
  • Construction-related state-owned company & public officials
  • Financial institutions, including banks, securities, insurance, etc
  • Attending graduate school (Ph.D. degree)
Department Characteristics & Development Prospect
Depending on the growth of the international construction market, the Global Project Management Program is carrying out specialized partnership education of global project management by utilizing interdisciplinary departments, including global business, chemical biotechnology, construction system design engineering, and architecture in order to foster professional international business practitioners.
Based on this, students acquire knowledge from various areas and increase real-world problem solving competency regarding international construction through linkage of partners and practitioners. The department fosters global PM leaders who can be deployed right after graduation and continuously produces expert talents in international business to various industries in the future.