Purpose of Establishment
Today’s industrial society requires individuals to be equipped with the ability to absorb the cutting-edge scientific technologies of technicians and to possess higher-level academic theory and knowledge. In addition, the industrial site requires creative research skills from professional technicians that lead the advance in industrial society. In accordance with such realistic demands, the Graduate School of Industry was established based on the purpose of providing the ideology of lifelong education and the opportunity of continuous learning in order to foster top-level personnel equipped with leadership characteristics and creative abilities through theoretical and practical teaching and research in the industrial sector based on academy-research-industry cooperation.
Objective of establishment
  • The Graduate School of Industry is equipped with an effective academy-industry cooperative system for promoting the efficient and active use of technicians and advanced equipment in the industrial site as well as the research resources of the academic community.
  • We provide research opportunities to outstanding individuals that are intelligent and possess excellent research skills yet are pressed for time and face economic hardships. We help these talented students to further develop their research abilities by improving their research activities.
  • We support the efficient research activities of students by preparing various educational supplies required for academic research that is carried out to foster advanced abilities and skills that can help students adapt to the rapidly changing industrial society.
Operation of curriculum
Program Term of Study Semester Class Required Credits Degree
Master’s Program 2 and a half years
2-semester program Night


( Non thesis 30)

Professional degree
Objectives of Education